IT Staffing Solutions

IT staffing solutions

Level 1/2 NOC

Our IT staffing solutions are backed by our IT staff recruiters, providing specialized professionals on an as-needed basis.

Online chat support
Network support
Remote network services
Remote server services
Remote infrastructure support
24/7 Remote Troubleshooting

Desktop Management

Our desktop management experts focuses on following key areas:

Software Imaging
Deploying systems
Desktop Technician Support
IT Asset Management
Technology deployments and data migration
Optimizing hardware and software assets, driving down IT costs
Boosting emergency preparedness and recovery efforts
Training to streamline the process of getting users up to speed with new
hardware support
cloud migration

Cloud Migration Service

We help accelerate seamless Cloud Migration through industry standard processes and best in class technology to minimize risk, cut costs and optimize performance. Our remote staff cover migration to public clouds like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc.

Move data, services or applications to the cloud at the speed of business
Improve service delivery and response time
Migrate applications that span multiple resources
Seamlessly migrate workloads into the cloud with minimal manual customization

IT Administrator

Network support
Remote network and server functions
Remote infrastructure support
Hardware support
Voice, email and online chat support
Enterprise IT helpdesk
Application support
Extend hardware lifetime
Maintain an IT team without an IT Team cost
Maintain and constantly advance your IT security
24X7 Help Desk support
remote infrastructure support
IT Offshore Outsourcing: Make it work for your business
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