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Our commitment to being a responsible outsourcing company

Virtualteam employs a team of highly qualified professionals. Our mission is to help clients achieve their business goals whilst reducing their costs and making their processes efficient, effective and agile. We put ourselves in clients’ shoes, match our incentives with their goals, and collaborate and unlock the complete potential of their business; building strong and enjoyable relationships with the clients. We are all about giving your business a boost by offering unbeatable customer experience to your clients at 1/3rd of your current operation cost.

We at Virtualteam pair state of art technology and best industry practices with highly talented people to create customized solutions for our clients. Every project is unique, but they all have one common starting point. We want to know everything from what you value, who your customers are and why they care for your business to what are your goals. The only way to come up with a solution to a problem is to understand it from every angle. Luckily we have proven process and the team to analyze your problems and provide solutions.

The way we do business with our clients shows who we are and what we stand for. Our approach can be summed up in six simple elements: Dedicated Support, An Individual Plan, Diverse Sourcing Strategy, Outcome Oriented, True Global Reach and Transparent and Result Focused Pricing.

Our approach is to provide dedicated resources that must be aligned and embedded within an organization’s vision and must contribute to the strategic, management and operational objectives derived from said vision, within a given time horizon.


  • Transparent And Result Focused Pricing
    No ‘hidden costs’ and a focus on results, using flexible cost model that is tailored to your needs and linked to achieving your goals.
  • True Global Reach.
    Multi-country database, international search and sourcing capability, combined with genuine local expertise.
  • Outcome Oriented
    We agree clear outcome and time frames and deliver.
  • Diverse Sourcing Strategy
    We are able to search for and produce quality candidates and talent identification strategies involving social media, job boards, targeted search and our regional and global networks.
  • An Individual Plan
    We will create a project plan from the ground up with delivery dates, committed timelines and full reporting accountabilities that suit you.
  • Dedicated Support
    There will be a project manager for the life cycle of the project, along with as many additional resources as are needed to meet deadlines and goals.

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300Candidates Screened
30 Domains Expertise
70Happy Clients
730Productive Hrs/Month

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What Clients Say?

We found Virtualteam highly successful for our IT staffing outsourcing needs. However, we were concerned about the language barriers and skeptic about managing an overseas team, but we needn’t have worried. The team is exceptional and we can easily manage it as if it’s present right here at our office.


For the past few years, I have been discussing outsourcing with my business partner. But, we were skeptic about the whole idea of communicating with a team that’s thousands of miles away. Finally, we gave it a try. We feel happy to say that our experience with Virtualteam has been very good.


I would highly recommend Virtualteam. The quality of reps was beyond exceptional. They were able to screen virtual assistance candidates for the positions that were required and provided well-trained candidates. It’s a company you can rely on.

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