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Are you looking for ways to increase your customer acquisition and enrollment while also maintaining a good customer relationship? Our omnichannel business outsourcing solutions can help. It’s highly important for businesses to understand how sales and marketing work, so that they can be optimized and made more efficient and effective. New process designs may make sense on paper, but it is often they are difficult to implement in reality. We are a trusted outsourcing company and have been serving small startups and massive fortune 500 companies. We design processes reflecting our clients’ operational realities along with delivering massive improvements in effectiveness and efficiency.

Virtualteam is passionate about giving your business amazing services because we believe providing incredible business solutions is rewarding and fun. Our long experience in various industries gives us the advantage of creating a solid lead generation and sales campaigns for the clients. We are exclusively differentiated in the outsourcing industry and our clients find us the successful combination of technical expertise, service excellence, integrity, and efficiency.

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We are a well-established and reputed outsourcing company, which has handled Inbound Contact Center operations of several global organisations, across a wide range of domains over the years.

We are expertise in:

  • Customer Services
  • Consumer Response
  • Help Desk Solutions
  • Charge back handling services
  • Online customer support services

The BPO industry doubled in size last year, to $6.3 billion, and is expected to clock 37% annual growth over the next five years. Large multinational companies have demonstrated their growing confidence in Telesales outsourcing as an outsourcing hub.

Why use outbound Tele-sales:

  • Reach out to customers across the world with telemarketing
  • Tele-Sales is cost-effective when compared to hiring salespeople
  • Easily market products/services to existing & potential customers
  • Find out if customers are interested in your product/service right away


There are guaranteed benefits of Inside Sales Outsourcing for all types of businesses, from budding startups to Fortune 500 Companies. In fact, inside sales related services were among the first business processes to ever be outsourced. A few of the many benefits of outsourcing all or a part of your inside sales process includes:

  • Staff trained in customer psychology
  • Focus on core business
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Significantly reduced labor costs
  • Reduced risks
  • Level up to market leaders
  • Business continuity
  • Control capital costs
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Quick implementations
  • Fixed cost variable
  • Access to state of art tech
  • IT road map planning
  • 24/7 network monitoring

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300Candidates Screened
30 Domains Expertise
70Happy Clients
730Productive Hrs/Month

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We found Virtualteam highly successful for our IT staffing outsourcing needs. However, we were concerned about the language barriers and skeptic about managing an overseas team, but we needn’t have worried. The team is exceptional and we can easily manage it as if it’s present right here at our office.


For the past few years, I have been discussing outsourcing with my business partner. But, we were skeptic about the whole idea of communicating with a team that’s thousands of miles away. Finally, we gave it a try. We feel happy to say that our experience with Virtualteam has been very good.


I would highly recommend Virtualteam. The quality of reps was beyond exceptional. They were able to screen virtual assistance candidates for the positions that were required and provided well-trained candidates. It’s a company you can rely on.

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