Four Effective Ways to Include Customer Experience Into Your Company’s DNA

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Four Effective Ways to Include Customer Experience Into Your Company’s DNA

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All best-in-class companies have one thing in common – they all have an awesome Customer Experience infused deep in their DNA. They all live and breathe Customer Experience. From CEO to the newest hire, it’s a part of all of them. So how will you go about infusing the same in your company’s DNA?

The initial answer is fairly simple – by taking in consideration and including everyone. But the process is not simple and many customer experience efforts simply fail. In the most common scenario, an organization has an ongoing NPS tracking across its entire business for decades along with CX on its executive’s scorecards. But the area where they lag is the customer experience team members. The team member often work in a product centric environment and are expected to become customer centric, when the organization didn’t understood what becoming customer centric means and how to get there. In such cases the team members often felt like that they were simply collecting surveys to report figures. They couldn’t understand if customer experience mattered to the business or not and the impact they had.

A general reason for the failure of customer experience efforts is the team or an individual who was assigned to “own” customer experience. While the team members have the best intentions but they couldn’t make a difference because of the limitations set by their organization. Sometimes it’s because of limited resources or competing priorities, and others because of limited visibility to the broader organization. This is why customer experience should be in a company’s DNA rather than being a mere business goal.

So how can an organization become driven by customer experience? Here are four highly important factors to consider:


  • Remember succeeding at customer experience is time taking and requires a lot of efforts. It’s not a sprint or there’s a silver bullet or a switch to make this happen fast and easily. Think of it as a transformation journey; success requires commitment, team work and time.
  • The individual or the team responsible should never work in a vacuum and must have an access to and visibility of broader organization. Create a process or a platform, such as a forum, where information and idea can flow and teams can collaborate to form customer focused solutions.
  • Understand that you have the support of a critical mass. It’s not about the one individual or the team responsible for customer experience, it changing the organization’s culture. And to do so, you need critical mass. You must focus on everyone from senior executive leaders to individuals across different levels and functions.
  • While you convince others for the change, define how it will benefit them. It must be obvious for everyone involved that by becoming more customer-centric and customer-experience focused can make the outcome better for them.

If you follow best practices and have a clear plan, you can create a more customer experience oriented organization and ultimately increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Why Outsourcing Accounting Services Equals Saving More Money?

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Life is not about money all the time, but when it comes to doing a business, of course you have to think about where and how you spend. You have to think about how you can increase your profits while decreasing your expenses.

One way of saving money for businesses is outsourcing. It’s a tested and proven method of cutting overhead costs, in which you outsource a part of or the entire process of your business from a company that will hire, train and employ exceptional professionals for your business. If you are in any doubt, here’s why outsourcing your accounting services equals saving your business more money:

Save money on payroll

The internal payroll management can drain more money from you. It could be an expanse that simply keeps adding up if you don’t manage it well. Outsourcing accounting services gives the business advantage of having highly-qualified professional to do these tasks while organizations can focus on doing core business.

Outsourcing payroll saves time as well as money.

Stay updated with spending

Outsourcing your accounting tasks can help you stay up to date with your expenses. You will know when you are spending too much on something or wasting resources processes that are ineffective. Tracking your spending also gives you important insights and helps you in data driven decision making.

Avoid tax Penalties

Having a professional work for you by outsourcing your account services during tax season time. You’ll have an experience and trusted adviser just a call away, who will give you expert advice when you need it. Additionally, penalties have the tendency to quickly add up so, it’s ideal to avoid them from the beginning. There are cases where businesses with tax problem ended up shutting down.

Find you more money

It is the job of a professional accounting expert to save you money by solving your accounting problems, irrespective of their nature. Additionally, a seasoned expert can help you find more money from the least expected places. He/she will analyze your books and help you maximize your business earnings, profits and minimize your yearly taxes.

Hire the best accounting professionals  

Outsourcing accounting services works and that’s why there are plenty of outsourcing firms like Virtualteam, having highly-qualified CPAs who have an experience in various industries. You could use this opportunity to increase your business capabilities and serve more clients. These professionals are updated with the latest software and tools, which could be rather expensive, and have the capability to drive your business to the right direction.

Outsourcing when done right has multiple benefits for a business. Like what you read? Comment below to share your thoughts and if you have something valuable to add.

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